Funny Waiter Show

Unique! Plate spinning finale with a triple tier table cloth pull. See marshmallows as airborne appetizers. Witness water service on an epic scale. Finally answering that eternal question, "Chicken or Beef?". Looking for something different? Then this is for you! Make your reservation now!

Comedy Juggling Show

Juggling on a six foot unicycle. Nine box stack and balance. 3 ball masterly manipulation. 3 box routine carefully coordinated to orchestral music. Club juggling. This show is guaranteed to astound and delight audiences from around the world. You won't be disappointed!

Plate Spinning A La Carte

Just want the plate spinning all by itself?You've come to the right place. Plate spinning is a powerful metaphor that can be used to many different ends. Tell us our vision and we will tell you what we can do to bring it to life. Results guaranteed!